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How do I book SUPERDRAFT?
Step 1: Choose one of the two wristband purchasing options (Hard Rock package or SUPERDRAFT only package)

Step 2: After purchasing a wristband package, reserve a draft room time for your league. If this has already been done by another member in your league, then proceed to STEP 3.

Step 3: Review /compare hotel options and offerings. If you selected the Hard Rock package, you do not need to complete this step since you've already reserved a room at the Hard Rock.

Step 4: Book hotel - (again, no need to do this if you've purchased the Hard Rock package).

Step 5: You will then receive an email confirming your hotel reservation

Step 6: You are confirmed for SUPERDRAFT and everything the weekend has to offer! See you in Las Vegas!

What if my draft web service only offers fixed times that I can draft?
Leagues must coordinate the drafting times selected during SUPERDRAFT with their online service of choice (,,, etc).
SUPERDRAFT can only accommodate the specific drafting times listed on this site (9AM – 12PM PST, 1PM – 4PM PST, 5PM – 8PM PST)

Has a draft this big ever happened before?
SUPERDRAFT is the first of its kind. A multi-property event for a Fantasy Football draft has never before been produced in Las Vegas at this level. This will be the largest fantasy football draft experience in history.

This is an opportunity to conduct your league's fantasy football draft in true Las Vegas style. For packages starting at only $75 per person, you and your friends will have a one-of-a-kind draft experience, AND will receive VIP access throughout the city with VIP access for the 4 days of SUPERDRAFT. Guests will be invited to attend SUPERDRAFT Tailgate Parties, “Overtime” Pool Festivities and exclusive SUPERDRAFT VIP events throughout the weekend.

When is it?
Thursday, August 27th – Sunday, August 30th. Guests are suggested to attend all four days because of all the parties and entertainment that come with the package, however, everyone is invited to spend as many or as few days as they can in Vegas.

How much does it cost?
Wristbands for SUPERDRAFT weekend cost $75 for each attendee. This does not include the price of travel, hotel rooms or other amenities.

Which hotels are participating?
SUPERDRAFT is the biggest event of the summer in Las Vegas and all of the city’s top resorts are committed to providing you with world class accommodations. Exclusive room packages are offered at Hard Rock, The Mirage, Caesars, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Paris, Bally's, The Palms, Luxor and Rio.

The locations for core SUPERDRAFT events include Hard Rock, The Mirage, Caesars Palace, Luxor, The Palms and Wynn.

Will I be able to meet women anywhere during SUPERDRAFT or is this going to be an all guys thing?
Are you kidding? We mentioned this was in Vegas, right? If there’s one thing Vegas always has plenty of, it’s thousands of beautiful women. And if that weren't enough, the SUPERDRAFT VIP guest list already includes dozens of former pro and college football cheerleaders and models.

But we don't want to discount the fact that women love fantasy football too! Ladies, don’t feel left out – all SUPERDRAFT Events are a ton of fun for men and women.

Do I have to be in a fantasy football league to come to SUPERDRAFT and get access to the parties?
Anyone can come to SUPERDRAFT, even if you’re not part of a fantasy football league. Anyone with a SUPERDRAFT wristband will have VIP access to the many SUPERDRAFT events, parties and citywide specials exclusively offered to our guests.

What amenities will be in the Draft Room?
Each league will have its own dedicated space with internet access for each individual. That means you can combine easy access to stats and news with a live draft experience. In addition to great deals on food and beverages, draft rooms will also provide plenty of entertainment, draft experts and SUPERDRAFT cheerleaders.

Do I need to bring my own computer? What if I have a problem getting internet access?
It is suggested that all attendees bring their own WIFI enabled laptops. A limited number of laptop rentals will be made available to guests who require them. Draft rooms will be equipped with wired or wireless internet access for all guests. Technical support will be on site to help any guest with computer or internet problems.

How does it differ from the draft someone would do with his/her friends at home?
SUPERDRAFT combines your league’s draft experience with an entertainment-filled party atmosphere. Whether your league’s fantasy football draft is a serious, take-no-prisoners experience, or you and your friends take a more casual approach to your draft, SUPERDRAFT is guaranteed to surpass any draft experience you and your league have ever had.

What access do I get for my money? Do I get access to every party/event?
SUPERDRAFT must adhere to the space capacities of each of our partner venues. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every guest will receive access to every venue or event. However, agreements have been established with multiple entertainment and venue partners throughout the city to ensure that all SUPERDRAFT guests will have many entertainment options throughout SUPERDRAFT weekend.
Guests who purchase the SUPERDRAFT wristbands are eligible for access to the following:

• VIP Party on 8/27 at JET Nightclub
• Tailgate Party on 8/28 at Hard Rock Pool and The Mirage Pool
• VIP Party on 8/28 at LAX
• SUPERDRAFT Draft Room on 8/29 at Hard Rock Hotel
• VIP Party on 8/27 at PURE Nightclub
• Overtime Pool Parties on 8/30 at Hard Rock and The Mirage
• Special offers and VIP access at participating venues throughout Las Vegas

What if all my league members can't make it, can we still come? How do we coordinate with those who aren't here?
Any number of your league’s participants can attend SUPERDRAFT - whether all of your league can attend, or only a few. Since the draft experience is done online, for those who cannot attend, they would just draft at the same scheduled time as those who make it to SUPERDRAFT.

How is the draft process structured? Is it only for people who use a certain web service such as CBS,, or
SUPERDRAFT is set up for an online draft experience. This allows for any online service to be used.

Do I have to stay at certain hotels to get access to SUPERDRAFT events?
Exclusive rate packages and special offerings have been coordinated with 13 premiere hotels in Las Vegas to SUPERDRAFT guests. However, guests will have the option to stay at any hotel they prefer.

What if I want to book golf tee times or other entertainment while I'm out in Vegas?
Concierge services will be offered to SUPERDRAFT guests for booking entertainment in Las Vegas including Golf outings, tickets for Cirque du Soleil shows and other concerts, theatre, and night clubs.

Can I stay at one hotel and still get access to the Draft Rooms at the other properties?
Yes – all guests who purchase SUPERDRAFT wristbands will receive access to the Draft Rooms, regardless of where they stay.